tokyo resources

here some place i find interesting (those marked i have not visited yet):

watari-um art museum (*)

museum of modern art (*)

ma gallery: b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l architecture gallery. simply a must.

prismic gallery: close to gallery ma, much smaller but interesting to get to know younger architects. the web site has links to the studios who exhibited, take a look.

kandada(*): artist collective exhibition space, suggested by tomoko, seems very interesting.

no.12 gallery (*): small gallery, also possible to rent it.


in case you come to tokyo and you need to buy a lot of things for little money and therefore impress your friends and relatives here are the magic names you have to look for:
100yen shop: they are spread everywhere, it is similar to 50 cents shop but cheap japanese goods are much more interesting

donki: you can buy almost anything and it is also interesting to experience high-density shop layout especially after aoyama high fashion boutique

tokyu hands: another big department store


GO. for free lesson go to ben cafè ( Sunday 11:00 am.


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