the price of democracy?

tonight i finally went to see pecha kucha (a night in which 8-9 guest speaker can show their work. 20 slide 20 seconds each. what is interesting is that, at least in tokyo professional student or anyone else can show up and present).  a big applause to Klein and Dytham for organizing this event in tokyo and now exiting in 40 other cities.  But the big applause is only for them. the speaker tonight did not seem so outstanding. just normal students or young professional. maybe it is because of the big expectations and because of the concept of pecha kucha; anyhow a bit of disappointment arises.

with it another question comes to mind: in this moltiplication of self expression, where each of us for free can have a web site, a blog, publish its video, take gigabytes of pictures, … in this amazing mass of duplication, are we sure we do not simply cover ourselves  with a huge amount of mediocrity?


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