Thank you Mr. Eliasson!

In a recent speech at NAI in Rotterdam, famous artist Olafur Eliasson said two things that I am really happy to hear from a person of his popularity and skill:

“This is so boring, but I dream that content will kill form.”

“A spatial practice about communal and social interaction, to sustain a kind of collective, with responsable criticality.”

Really happy two hear this for different reasons: in the surmodernité the abundance of things is almost unbearable. Second, due to the excessive density designers/architect/artist/managers will mostly be editor instead of creators. In applying this new modus operandi hopefully a new critical spirit will rise. Today it seems that finally some architect and designer are realizing that the true core of their work consists on human relation, not form. So let’s forget for a while the star system with its geometrical tribes (blob architects, squared, minimalists, etc…). As Eliasson reminds us is time to think about the why more than the how.


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