without thought

naoto fukasawa
He is Naoto Fukasawa. One of the new design-guru, able to create a personal approach on design ( especially on electronics products). We have seen his cd player produced by muji, some might even know the company he started +-0 (plusminuszero).
Among the different things he does, every year organizes a very interesting workshop with in house designer from big japanese companies. The concept behind is very interesting and, i would say, very asian. “Without thought” is the title given to this serie of workshop which now has reached the 8th edition.
This week at gallery “le bain” this year projects with the theme “wipe”.
The project show the (usual?) delicacy and sensitiveness of much contemporary japanese design. What I found even more interesting is the approach that Fukasawa proposed: acting without thought, which immediately reminded me of what Herrigel wrote about his experience in japan and the struggling learning process he went through.


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