Last night i went to see Le Corbusier exhibition at Mori Museum.
Few remarks:
-Mori museum is open till 22.00, it was full. Enjoying the visit on the 53 floor at night after working is excellent.

-the full scale mockup of one flat from the Unite d’Habitacion was really interesting to visit

-exhibition design in japan seem to have a different role: so far the exhibition I have seen do not try to elaborate the material exhibited. For example Corbu exhibition design is done by Mori museum. The result consists in simply dividing the works in main groups, placing into the space and putting some spotlight on it. Nostalgic feeling for Castiglioni, Albini, Rota… Probably the rationalist western mind suits better to this type of activities.

-the exhibition consists in many paintings, some models, 1:1 scale of the petit cabanon(very long line queuing ), 1:1 of unite d’habitation flat, 1:1 of atelier (not so meaningful i would say), some models, pictures. For a general public is good. Maybe a bit more effort on the museology part would have been appreciated

-museum are always “ippai” (full)

-Roppongi Hills complex is really a non-place, if I was asked i would definitely say that it is the architecture of the letzte Mensch: pre-recorded voices, nobody around, impossible to get orientation, false smiles, tepidness, the air is not cold, is not warm, simply is not. There is no utopia, there is no cultural plan, there is no desire, there is nothing beside consumption. A boutique-prison for dreamless wealthy people. But please enjoy it.

-to be an architect you must be optimistic and believe in progress

-Tokyo at night, from the 53 floor, is elegant.


One Response to corbu

  1. roachz says:

    Great! I was about to go visit the exhibition in the morning, so i guess i will go at night. Great tip :o)

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