President Ahmadinejad gave a speech at the Columbia University.
A few consideration:
– I think one needs a certain courage to go and speak in the country that will probably bomb your own in a few months and speak in front of an audience totally against you: BRAVE.
-let’s remember one thing Ahmadinejad, whether you like it or not was elected.
 (19% first round and 61% in the ballot.  Bush with 51% in 2004 and in 2000… let’s not talk about it)
-once again the most aggressive country in the world ( counting the attack done on another sovereign state), the only country which has so far used the atomic bomb against civilian ( ok it was war time, ok to some extend it was needed a brutal act but there are different ways of achieving a goal) blame other countries for developing nuclear energy. so for proven to be only for pacific use.
From this we do not get to the conclusion that Ahmadinejad is a good politician and a symbol for democracy. Let’s just observe reality with a more precise look.


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