Here is an interview to a Tokyo University student who has worked at Tadao Ando’s studio. Interview taken from
IAAKUZA: Hi Taka, tell us something about your experience at TAA.
TAKAHITO OHKI: I worked there one year ago, making the model of the new building of Giorgio Armani in Milano, the new school building in Tokyo University and the rebuilding of the weather station in Yokohama.
I: How many people in the office?
T: There are about 30 people in the office.
I: How many hours per day and how many days per week?
T: We used to start working at 09:15 and finish almost at 22:00. We had been working from monday to saturday. On sundays, they bring the students to see his work.
I: How was Tadao Ando? Was his approach different from what you are learning at tokio university? If so, why?
T: I felt he has so much energy that he will accomplish his image into realize by using any method. I learned that there are many ways to approach, so I didn’t feel “differences”. His design is coming from image of the space.
I: Tell me something about the relation between the owner of the office and the employees.
T: Ando goes his home at 20:00. After the employees realise that he has left the office, they have a coffee break together.
I: What do you think about japanese architects in global arena?
T: The hard-working character of japanese helps them to work in the world.
I: How do Tadao’s works affect japanese architects? do the most famous architects try to inject some tradition from japan to global view ? (when we talk about japanese architects… they roots deeply in their cultural background, i think)
T: I think he is very good at this point of view. He knows very well about the history of japanese architecture.
I: How much important is the figure of the architect in Japan?
T: I feel architects are very important. However, it seems to me that people in Japan attach importance much more to the structure because of the earthquake. And also they try to build many new buildings to the business. So, I think we need to see our traditional vernacular architectures and study about them. Actually, Japan has many great traditional architectures behind the chaotic skyscraper.
I: Tokio university is one of the best places to study in the world: why for you?
T: Because there are good teachers and good environments to study.
I: Thanks Taka


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