keep an eye on them

In april i did the “seesaw” (“altalena” as an employee from the italian embassy called it, i do not if it is diplomatic slang ). It means that i went outside japan to extend my 3 months visa. The cheapest flight is tokyo-seoul so that’s where many gaijin go.
I had the opportunity to meet, through my Han-sensei ( my current boss) the architect Wook and get to know a little bit about korean architecture. So far the only well respected contemporary asian architecture seemed to be the japanese one but korea ( and indonesia) seem to gain popularity. Korean architecture is developing its own language made of an attention to materials ( that reminds me of some chilean or portuguese architecture) and taking inspiration from their huge cultural background. As mr Wook told me, korean architecture does not have an old generation of maestro ( due to the quite recent cultural and political independence). This is giving the younger generations the space to explores own ways of design and the possibility of building. Quite different from other countries…


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