the designer’s envies…

One or two years ago I read this nice book by the italian mathematician and writer Odifreddi
about what a mathematician envies about other arts. In this case he envies the writer’s pen, the painter’s brush and the musician’s wand (not sure about the word “wand”).
It could be interesting to see what are corresponding for the architect. In my opinion they might be:
the lightness of words. Words give form to ideas in a quick and light way. No need to submit to the dictatorship of a heavy body (as for architecture)
the omnipresence of sounds.
sounds are architectures. not only around us but inside us.
– the intimacy of food. again it has to do with introducing something inside us. touching it in a much more intimate way.
– the diverse glance of photography: many times photographer achieve what designers/architects want with the lightness of an image. no concrete,plastic,building, taking space…


One Response to the designer’s envies…

  1. cedecini says:

    wand? do you mean the meaning?
    A thin stick that is using for doing magic…hazel wand
    or conductor’s wand

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