the dark side of japanese food…

Japanese restaurant are more and more popular. Therefore more more people get to know japanese food. What it is interesting to notice is the “filtering” that is done.
“A” class food includes:
green tea ice cream

This is what we can usually find in a japanese restaurant. Of course, japanese do not eat sushi everyday… while being here in Tokyo I got the chance to find other type of food that somehow would not match the general idea of japanese food.

natto: the king of the “B” food. the fermented beans are extremely interesting

uni (sea urchid): usually it is quite hard to find this abroad

soba: especially the cold soba are a true journey into a different eating experience

shochu: this is the counterpart of sake. the “japanese vodka” is much stronger. i recommend to drink it on the rocks or with soba cooking water ( this is quite unusual even for many japanese)

daifuku: sweetness is one of the main difference of japanese food. As a foreigner you may find sweets always never sweet enough.


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