Space for your future exhibition

 “Space for your future” I was expecting an exhibition somehow similar to the Wired Magazine issue co-edited by OMA/AMO in which 20 new spaces were proposed.
The exhibition presents different works dealing with space (even if I did not understand why some where there).
The curator idea is not clearly explain, at least not in english. Therefore the risk is to turn the museum into a funfair for adults with a university degree. In some moments I did have this feeling.
I would recommend to people not too much into art/architecture, many works are really well known.
My conclusion:
-Ishigami Junya will be the next big thing of japanese architecture because he is good (even should develop more his own approach, to much SANAA)  and because it seems  he is the protegé of Sejima. (just personal opinion)

-video art needs to much time to be seen, maybe only 5% watch a 3min video so it should be communicated in a different way
-the work of Carsten Nicolai was a bit disappointing ( but usually is very interesting)
-SANAA’s flower house is the end stop? Will they make it to go further? Hard to believe. now is curved glass walls, essential furniture and flowers.


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