The battle of the century

I have always felt a special interest in the Fisher Spassky  chess match story.  A book or a film should be done.  A few days ago the name of Fisher appeared again  on the news. This time  because of his bad health condition.
I think it is a good opportunity  to take a look again to this beautiful series of events:
Cold war: USA finally seems to have a man who can defeat the russians in their own kingdom: the game of chess. The importance of the game becomes immediately much more than the game itself. Fisher is an talented (a bit arrogant) young player. Spassky a disciplined russian master… (watch the documentary)

So far another epic story about the most violent game of the world as another world champion, Garry Kasparov, defined it.
Bobby Fischer is not a winner, he never defended his title and his title was taken back by the International Chess Association (because the conditions he was asking to re-play the final where not accepted by the FIDE).  Bobby Fisher is an anti-hero, as Maradona, Pantani… He disappeared from  the world.

“After twenty years, Fischer emerged from isolation to challenge Spassky (then placed 96-102 on the rating list) to a “Revenge Match of the 20th Century” in 1992. This match took place in Sveti Stefan and Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia, in spite of a severe United Nationsembargo that included sanctions on sporting events. Fischer demanded that the organizers bill the match as “The World Chess Championship”, although Garry KasparovU.S. Department of the Treasury[35] In front of the international press, Fischer was filmed spitting on the U.S. order forbidding him to play. Following the match, the department obtained an arrest warrant for him although some dispute the legality of the Department’s claim and question why others who broke the embargo have not been prosecuted.[36] Fischer won the match, 10 wins to 5, with 15 draws. Many grandmasters observing the match[attribution needed] said that Fischer was past his prime. was the recognized FIDE World Champion. The purse for this match was reported to be $US 5,000,000 with two-thirds to go to the winner. The had warned Fischer beforehand that his participation was illegal.
and then USA wanted to arrest him, and Spassky wrote a letter to the US Government saying that in case Fisher would be arrested and sent to prison, he would offer himself to keep company but with a chess board in the middle…


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