Aarchitecture, Bamboccioni and houses

A few weeks ago the italian prime minister Padoa Schioppa used the word bamboccioni (that has nothing to do with futurism abd could be translated as mama’s boy) referring to the over 30 years old adults that still live at home with mama and papa.
This month Shinkenchiku (the new architecture, a japanese architectural magazine) published a series of projects done by young japanese architects (young for real, around 30-33 years old).
All the projects are private houses, which is the typical first architectural commission.
Most of them have worked in the main studios (SANAA, Aoki, etc…).
So here is the beauty of a globalized world: on one side a 35 years old that still lives in the parents home, on the other a 35 years old who has just built the a new house.
Here are some of them:

Only one of the 3 partner is japanese but looking at their first projects and at their CV we can have serious hope for this studio.

The work of Hiroshi Kikuchi is interesting but what impressed me the most is the way he presents his projects on the website: self taken images, people with real smiles (not like next architect) somehow it seems a genuine person.

The ever smiling (in pictures) Nakamura

The forward looking 000studio

That’s it for today.


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