Today I went to Omotesando for a site visit concerning a proposal we are elaborating.
Omotesando is nowadays an architectural branded museum. What is surprising is the low quality of public space of this street. This is quite understandable if we think that the main developer of the area are private construction company, fashion brands with the final touch of Starchitect. None of the three is interested in what is happening between buildings.What is especially bad is the street furniture ( lamp poles, bridges, benches, floor pavement).
After I went inside the new MVRDV building “Gyre” (branded building must have a name nowadays), next to SANAA’s, in front of Ando’s.
Few observation:
-the building has a relatively quite facade for tokyo. this was one of the intentions of the design
-on the adv brochure it is written:
The GYRE experience takes you to a space where imagination expands and shopping becomes more conscious. Here you find materials energized by exquisite craftmanship, design that inspires everyday life, care for the environment, the beauty and richness of the seasons”
After reading my memories went back to university project presentations where everyone is writing “these new space is a new experience, enhancing your …., the great feeling….super…wellness…” Then one turns to the project images and not it is not so sure how much of that is really perceivable.
In my opinion the GYRE does not differ that much from other brand-architecture but i did get a lot of inspiration, negative one.
-technology: it is possible to connect your mobile with the GYRE website and get information. In this way one should “Shop and Think” as the brochure claims?
This connection between technology and real space should have probably been developed with some physical computing expert to influence the architecture on a deeper level. Placing 4 screen on each floor, in2008, is not enough.

Animation of the building.

*In today’s StarArchitecture, as in politics, on the opposite of physics, words are facts.
Talk well, sell your self well and everything will be fine.

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