Optical Dot starts!

Tokyo Metropolitan Highway is a massive road system built inside the city, between buildings, above stations. Being overimposed on the existing urban landscape its shape is rich of sharp turns, slopes and crossings. This situation creates several thousand accidents every year. Tokyo Metropolitan Office started a campain, Tokyo Smart Driver, in order to improve driving condition. Different projects are carried on: improving safety conditions, light installation, adv. graphic, a music cd to listen while driving.

Studio Han Design is involved with the Optical Dot project.
The first trial on a new design for driving in Japan has started !
– Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway (Shutoko) starts making more comfortable environment for drivers –

Shutoko starts a trial experiment on 5th Feb 2008 as a part of traffic-control measures for a route between Bijogi Junction on Saitama-line and the tollgate on Urawaminami-line.
This experimental project uses a white oval shape pattern on the road surface to help drivers to feel their speed naturally.
This is the first trial on Sequence Design* on road surface in Japan and represents a new approach to traffic-control measures

*Sequence Design
Design for road space that enables drivers to feel the gradual change of the road and to adapt to it.

*images and video simulation


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