Tokyo and sports: cycling

Finally back after two weeks of intensive work for a bus station competition in Kumamoto.
Lately, probably due to the hours spend in front of a screen, I feel like doing some sports.
In Tokyo this might not be the easiest ting to do. In fact it is easier to find a CD store open at 4am than a small free football court.

The first idea one has is to buy a bicycle.
A second hand costs from 2,000 to 4,000 yen. (14€-25€) .
So far everything is easy.
Then one MUST register to the local office.
Because every bicycle is registered policeman ( especially young ones with not so busy work) want to check if you riding your bike. I have been checked 4 times in 10 months. Twice last week end. The procedure is not long but it is annoying when lending your bicycle to a friend, then police check, then your friend has to explain the bicycle is from a friend….

The main problem about cycling is parking. I have never seen a city enforcing such a strict policy against bicycles. To park is not allowed more or less everywhere. Only in parking spots that cost 100Y a day. Not much, but 1 month = 2.000Y…if the bicycle is worth 3.000Y it is easy that it makes no sense.

Sometimes police come with a truck and take away all the illegal bikes. The owner have to go to the main office and pay a fine ( around 3.000) usually to get the bike back. This situation creates quite an original feeling: here in tokyo people are not afraid of bike robbers but of the police.


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