Towards an haptic glance.

Two weeks ago I finally did it: I bought books on amazon which is a really dangerous thing to start. Among those I bought there was The eyes of the skin by Juhani Pallasmaa which i walked by on a spring day in Helsinki.
Why to read the book:
-it brings sight down from the pedestal that western thought created
-in simple words Pallasmaa brings our attention back to the real concerns of architecture which have really little to do with retinal images

This should already be enough. The best thing Pallasmaa does is to bring (as other do, Steven Hall for example, just to name one) the discourse of architecture on architectural topics which have partially to do with geometry, image and language.
In rough words we could say that everything starts from the body, from the tactile feelings of the skin.

I am not surprised this comes from a scandinavian person. For what I have seen in my life the approach to architectural design has different roots in different areas:
– in italy, and south of europe it is almost a humanistic discipline. the story around the project is almost more important than the project itself. Do not forget the for Sottsass and many others a project is a metaphor to discuss life
– in northen europe (scandinavia especially) there is still a strong phenomenological approach.
-here in japan architecture belongs to the construction disciplines. of course it has a dense poetical spirit too.


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