Golden week ops, golden days

This year golden week was only 4 days. No complain, no “bridges” between vacation days, we are good japanese workers.
Getting out from tokyo i went to japanese countryside. With bullet train:

First stop was Hamamatsu kite festival

Thank to S, T and I got trumpets in our hands:

Matsuri are the moment where the Shinto’s spirit of ecstasy comes up.

Second stop was the quiet rural area of Mori Machi

The days after no tea leaves picking due to the warui tenki ( bad weather) so we went to a nearby center to make our own pot. Soon the post will send me mine.


One Response to Golden week ops, golden days

  1. cedecini says:

    Ah però!!! if you want play the trumpet running and singing the words were
    “ehy marine have you heard
    L.B.Johnson said the words
    say good bye to dad and mam
    ’cause you are leaving for Vietnam

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