Mumbai vs Tokyo

An interesting article about comparison of Mumbai and Tokyo


23 Responses to Mumbai vs Tokyo

  1. Karan says:

    Mumbai is better than tokyo due to its beaches,buildings and developed colonies.

    • Siddharth says:

      Mr Karan, What do u think of Tokyo.
      Tokyo is much larger, not only in area but also in population as compared to Mumbai. So far as the buildings and colonies are concerned, Tokyo has a very high standard colonies and is much much devoleped than Mumbai. Its a second largest city in the world after New York.

      U r like that frog which thinks the well in which it resides is the whole world.
      Move out of it.

      • Akash Bose says:

        i m sorry but tokyo ranks 3rd in the world best cities…..

        and its a waste to compare the city like tokyo and mumbai……….
        mumbai hav to more to do,,,,,,,,,,, but this is corruption which is stopping this development

      • Dilraj says:

        Mr siddharth. . . For ur kind information. . . Mumbai is the third largest and third most populous of world cities. . . .its ought to become the most populous city in the world. . .

  2. Kaiser says:

    Is this a joke ? Mumbai and Tokyo cannot even be a comparison ! Karan must be out of his brains !

    Maybe Mumbai should be compared with the likes of Nairobi, Dhaka and Karachi !

  3. Akash Bose says:

    if we hav to compare japan and india than not in cities……….
    in army
    in tourism
    in education
    in sports……..

    this r the things in which india nd japan hav a good fight

  4. Pankaj Awachar says:

    R u all gone mad.
    Here is the list,
    1. Tokyo
    2. New York
    3. London
    4. Mumbai (Bombay)
    5. Mexico City
    6. Seoule
    7. New Delhi

  5. Pankaj Awachar says:

    @Kaiser: Tum saale log Mumbai se jalte ho..

    kabhi Bombay dekha hai kya?
    baat karta hai.

    Dhaka aur Karachi se compare kar rha hai?

  6. Pankaj Awachar says:

    Check out Mumbai,

  7. tokyolover says:

    tokyo is the best for me.mumbai is the best city in india but it is a waste to compare it with cities like tokyo

  8. Mumbaikar says:

    Mumbai can give tough fight in following things to Tokyo:

    1. Culture
    2. Unity
    3. Railways
    4. Population
    5. Beaches & Natural Harbours..

    It is the BIGGEST & RICHEST city in whole ASIA. Then what the hell is this Tokyo?

  9. Neil says:

    U al r half minded,
    if tokyo is largest city of the world,
    Mumbai is the mother of all d cities.

    both cities r cool..

  10. Pankaj says:

    Shanghai is largest..

  11. Dilraj says:

    Mr siddharth. . . For ur kind information. . . Mumbai is the fourth largest and third most populous of world cities. . . .its ought to become the most populous city in the world. . .

  12. tokyolover says:

    excuse me please check the list .tokyo is the largest and most populated city of the world.and mr mumbaikar tokyo has far well developed is the best you fools

  13. Pankaj says:

    @Tokyolover, I appreciate ur luv for tokyo but have u ever visited Bombay.
    anyways visit the wikipedia u’ll find the following largest cities,
    1. Shanghai
    2. Istanbul
    3. Karachi
    4. Mumbai
    5. Seoul
    6. Mexico City
    7. Delhi
    8. Tokyo
    9. Bangalore
    10. New York

  14. Pankaj says:

    Dilraj is ri8

  15. Sachin says:

    Tokyolover, don’t ever dare to compare about railway connectivity of any city to that of Mumbai (Bombay),
    Bombay has connectivity to all over India. Understand?

  16. tanishq says:

    i think mumbai has many five star residecies and many towers and the worls costliest house of mukesh ambani, ‘antilla’ is also situated here and mumbai is the city which works constantly and never sleeps and the thing is not of being large but its about being hardworking and naturally beautiful which mumbai is more then tokyo so i think that mumbai much better .

    • genji says:

      hmm..many fivestar hotel and world costlier residence sorrounded by million of slums and including world most dirty cities rank.Had u have been there in tokyo? or have u watch a film “fast n furious” tokyo drift? Just like same there!!!. If tokyo sleeps all over cities ll shut down.

  17. genji says:

    sorry mumbai cant compare with tokyo…i have been there in mumbai i found lots of million of slums and dirty but in tokyo u cant find dirty place and lazy people.Tokyo brought the dream of asia to the world and has to be future techonolgy following by seoul, shanghai.

  18. Lucifer says:

    Why the hell do you mumbaikars compare your cities with the ones of Japan. Our cities are still developing.@ mumbaikar in what do u say Mumbai’s railways is developed.Tokyo has shinkansen and best subway system in the world

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