home sweet home

Today I booked the tickets for europpa
25 june    tokyo-helsinki
6 july      helsinki-milano
20 aug    milan-beijing

but I also found this two pictures of what was my home for 5 months when i was an intern at Ateliaer Van Lieshout: the favela unit, which was also exhibited at the sao paolo biennale


One Response to home sweet home

  1. cedecini says:

    Favela Unit, beh dovresti vedere le units nei campi rom attorno a Milano… Ora passano le ruspe ed anche qui ci sarà la tolleranza 0
    Tempi duri per i rom
    tempi duri per i gitani
    tempi duri per i figli del vento…non so per le gipsy bands.
    Mi verrà un infarto hugs

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