MOVING (virtually)

June 12, 2008

From today this blog will move to a self owned location:

So please take a look there if you have time, energy and will.


雅克 不忑

June 11, 2008

finally after the failure of translating my name into japanese (jakomo= “ja” snake+”ko” kid, child+ “mo” moist and many others, last name gets into a simple “hit me”)

in chinese i coud find giacomo>>
jacques ( its french translation)>>
yake ( which is its chinese common translation) ya( elegant)+ke (translitteration)

Butte becomes a bu (“not” a negative particle) te (fearful, nervous timid)
so all together an elegant translitteration without fear.

Brave greetings from Tokyo

you do not like japan?

June 2, 2008

since I decided I will leave japan at the end of the month everyone keeps asking.
I like and I critic Japan but it is an interesting and stimulating place to live in.
The question I asked myself is another:
after a year and a half in a new city, as I see it, there are two options  start settling down or leaving.
In practical terms would mean: stop living in a guest house,  start crucial activities that require 2-3 years involvement like start a gipsy band, a course of calligraphy and improve japanese language.
I feel this is necessary because one cannot live in a temporary state.  This, after the first period of excitement, must evolve.
Being under 30, under 1.8m tall, single, under 70kg, earning under 20,000€ a year and curious I donot see many reason for not going to another place. Because that is what I am doing, not leaving Japan but going to another place which in this case will be Beijing.

home sweet home

May 29, 2008

Today I booked the tickets for europpa
25 june    tokyo-helsinki
6 july      helsinki-milano
20 aug    milan-beijing

but I also found this two pictures of what was my home for 5 months when i was an intern at Ateliaer Van Lieshout: the favela unit, which was also exhibited at the sao paolo biennale

Golden week ops, golden days

May 9, 2008

This year golden week was only 4 days. No complain, no “bridges” between vacation days, we are good japanese workers.
Getting out from tokyo i went to japanese countryside. With bullet train:

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Zelig Architecture vs StarArchitecture

May 1, 2008

Leonard Zelig (played by Woody Allen), is a man who has the ability to change his appearance to that of the people who surround him. For example, if he is among doctors, he transforms into a doctor; if he is around overweight people, he quickly becomes heavy himself. Zelig is called the “human chameleon“.

The uniqueness of Mr. Zelig lays in observing,understanding and imitating the surrounding.
Contextual, respectful and smart, Zelig has a lot to  teach to today  Star Architects  who think they are able to  design  without knowing  context.

Sento Bday Karaoke Sunday

April 29, 2008

HEre the video of the lovely bday at the old people sento:

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